International Disasters

How do Lions respond to major catastrophes?

Lions Club International Foundation, LCIF, is the grant-making arm of Lions Clubs International and brings help, hope and healing to the world.

Whenever there is a major disaster, LCIF can immediately respond to requests from Lions Clubs in or near the area. The local Lions Clubs will be well aware of what is needed to help the local community for short term relief, such as shelter, food, medical supplies etc. LCIF also provides help through rebuilding projects for the longer needs.

LCIF also helps lions to serve their local communities by partnering with them to build schools, health clinics, vocational training centres for the disabled.

We are proud that Lions can take action almost immediately and not rely on short term fundraising events.

All Lions clubs try to make regular donations to LCIF and in the case of certain major disasters they will supplement the fund by local fundraising activities.